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Entice your senses with INDULGE Extrait de Parfum, our premiere gourmand fragrance and a genderless aromatic dessert. Opening with juicy Tangerine & Blood Orange paired with the sharp fresh zest of Petitgrain & Bergamot, a hint of Ylang Ylang adds a complex sweetness as the fragrance smooths down into its next phase. In the dry-down you can begin to notice a strong, warm Honey accord pair with Vanilla & Coffee to create a decadent scent with hints of Cappuccino, Buttercream, and Chocolate. As the citrus scent begins to fade, the Honey & Vanilla become more prominent as they mingle with Vetiver, Sandalwood & Myrrh to create a much more resinous, more sophisticated spicy-sweetness that's equal parts sultry and saporous.

>94% Natural: made with organic essential oils, alcohol, water, and only ~6% artificial fragrance oil.  We prefer to use artificial Madagascar Vanilla because it is nearly identical to the true vanilla, but it doesn't carry the ethical and financial burdens of natural vanilla extract.  Global demand has put a heavy strain on the vanilla industry in Madagascar which has not only made the price rise every year, but working conditions and ecological sustainability have a habit of falling to the wayside in those situations.  Make no mistake, however, the man-made Madagascar Vanilla featured in this fragrance is every bit as delectable as its natural counterpart and features every subtle note you'd want from a true tropical vanilla.

INDULGE is classified as an 'Extrait de Parfum' due to its fairly high percentage (28%) of pure aromatic oils; for comparison, an Eau de Toilette has concentrations between 5%-10% and an Eau de Parfum has concentrations between 15%-20%.  INDULGE, like many Extrait de Parfums, is more intense and longer-lasting than most fragrances so finding the perfect amount for your personal preference can take some trial and error.  We suggest rolling a small dash on your wrist about 5cm/2" long, and then wearing it for a few minutes before you decide whether or not to apply more.  

Ingredients; Essential Oils, Fragrance, Alcohol, Water

Essential Oils:

Blood Orange
Dark Patchouli
May Chang
Sweet Orange
Ylang Ylang

Fragrance Oils:

Plus ~6% Madagascar Vanilla fragrance oil

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