Blissful Mist

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 This skin spritz is the perfect refreshing mist for any time of day or night, featuring a >99% natural formula that contains five powerful botanical extracts which help optimize skin health.  Pure distilled water lightly moisturizes skin on contact and acts as a delivery vehicle for the more powerful botanical extracts.  Generous doses of Pure Aloe Vera & Organic Rose Water, two historically-renowned skincare ingredients, soothe stressed or irritated skin and help skin stay supple & moisturized for hours.  Chicory Root Extract stimulates natural collagen production, resulting in firmer, more youthful-looking skin with regular use.  Cucumber Fruit Extract imbues skin with a cocktail of vitamins & minerals which fortify skin while they moisturize.  Ginger Root Extract helps to soothe any skin dryness while acting as a general anti-aging active due to its unique ability to practically halt collagen degradation.  

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 Ingredients:  Water, Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Polysorbate 80, Optiphen PLUS, Chicory Root Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract