SKEN Perks Loyalty Program

Our unique and simple loyalty program is open to all customers and enrollment is as easy as placing your first order.  In fact, that's all you have to do!  After that, you will receive 25% off of every future order for the lifetime of the SKEN Perks program (so basically, as long as we're in business you'll get a loyalty discount). 

We don't send you any additional emails, we don't use your information for any purposes other than processing & shipping your order, and we don't even require you to go through an application process; simply place your first order and every future order will get a 25% discount (pre-tax and shipping).

This 25% discount is good on all products except gift cards, shipping, and certain items made for our charitable endeavor The Renewed Hope Initiative.  Gift cards and shipping are self-explanatory, but with RHI items it gets a little complicated.  When we sell an RHI item we only retain enough of the sale price to cover the material cost of the product itself (including the packaging, labels, and all the ingredients for its contents); which usually hits somewhere between 25-35%.  If we applied the loyalty discount to these items we would lose money with every RHI sale, which frankly is too big of a loss for us to stay in business.  So it was either ditch The RHI altogether or exclude a few products from SKEN Perks program . . . we believe we made the best choice for everyone!