Return Policy & Other FAQ


As of right now (March 2020) we do not offer returns or exchanges.  We are a small, independent company in America's heartland.  We cannot afford to offer reasonable prices, discounted shipping, AND returns/exchanges right now.  With that said, we will do everything in our power rectify any mistakes or assist unsatisfied customers.  If an incorrect item is sent or you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact us at  



Q:  "Do you offer free shipping?"

A:  No, at this time we do not offer free shipping.  The price you pay to have your order shipped is already discounted anywhere between 30-80%.  We believe that shipping is the equal responsibility of the company AND the customer; you want to get your products as much as we want to send them to you.  We also don't believe in asking our carriers for discounts.  It takes a lot of hard-working people to make this country's shipping industry work as well as it does, and they deserve reasonable pay for their work.  We wouldn't ask anyone else to do the same work for less, so why would we ask that of them?


Q:  "How are your products made?"

A:  Every product of Son of Suzette and its associated brands is literally homemade in small batches by one person; I have built a lab inside my house and make the products as they are ordered.  For certain items we will make bulk bases to ensure the quality is consistent across variants; every Bliss Butter uses the same base as does every variant of FabuLIPS Bliss Balm.  However, every product sold by Son of Suzette has been manufactured no more than 4 weeks (28 days) from the date of purchase.  If you make an order on March 31st, the bases for your products were made on or after March 4th, and each individual variant was hand-created the day before it was shipped.  We only sell fresh, handmade, artisanally created beauty & personal care items.


Q:  "You say 'We' a lot; how many people actually work at Son of Suzette?"

A:  Saying 'We' is an old habit of mine.  I do not intend to mislead anyone, I apologize for the confusion.  Son of Suzette is a one-man-band, solely owned and operated by myself, "The Son" in Son of Suzette.  When I say 'we' I don't mean to imply there's a whole team of people working for me; but there is a team of people in my corner constantly supporting me and pushing me to go farther and produce even better products.  In many ways Son of Suzette is very much a group effort, because God knows I couldn't do this without the support I receive from my family & friends, but the reality is that 'We' usually means 'Me' or 'I'.  I handle all aspects of product development, design, production, inspection, and logistics.  My mother (Suzette) loves to wash my lab equipment, though, because she says it leaves her kitchen smelling wonderful.  Aside from being my main inspiration she's also our unofficial vice president; and our biggest cheerleader!


Q:  "You mention God and your faith a lot; does it bother you that people of other faiths buy and use your products?  Do you expect your customers to have similar beliefs to your own?"

A:  Oh God, no!  Everyone person's beliefs (or lack thereof) are the result of their own personal journey through life.  My journey led me to Jesus Christ.  Someone else's journey may lead them to Abraham or Allah, or maybe even themselves or nothing at all.  No matter where your journey has taken you, I believe we're all in this journey together.  Let's be real: no one asked to be born nor do we really know why we're here or what comes afterward.  We all have ideas or beliefs that answer those questions, but the real answers come once we've left this plane of existence.  While we're here, regardless of your religion (or race, gender, etc.) we all owe it to each other to give the same kindness we hope to receive.  Life is hard enough, no one needs the additional burden of discrimination.