The Renewed Hope Initiative


On the surface, The Renewed Hope Initiative is a simple non-profit project designed to help incentivize charitable behavior and generate money for those in need.  However, at the risk of sounding melodramatic, The RHI is more than that;  It's a living promise.  It's one person's attempt to make the world better.  In many ways it's not something I even consider mine, but there's a very good reason for that . . .

God has played a major role in everything I've been able to accomplish throughout my life, but especially in my journey towards accomplishing my dream of being a practical chemist.  Before I delve into curating my own personal brands of products, I feel it's imperative to give back to God by way of giving back to mankind (again, melodramatic I know).  So with God's help I have been able to create a small (but hopefully ever-expanding) line of personal care items which make you feel good from the inside out.  You'll love the all-natural products and the modest price tags, and you'll be able to use them with confidence knowing that 100% of the profits go towards helping others.  The RHI currently benefits five important foundations which help foster the best humanity has to offer, and each respective charity plays an integral role in providing a kinder and better future for people within The United States.*

The process is simple: say a customer buys $20 worth of Renewed Hope products.  Of that $20, only enough to cover the cost of producing the products (including ingredients, packaging, labeling, and Shopify per-purchase fees) is kept by The RHI in order to remain operating.  So of that $20 purchase, say it took $9 to produce and sell those products; the remaining $11 goes directly to the charitable organizations we sponsor with the full amount being divided equally among them.  We never make a profit on any RHI merchandise sold and all labor, product designs, formulae, intellectual properties, and other 'intangible' costs which make The RHI possible are donated, that way our fund recipients receive as much money as possible.  All products benefitting The Renewed Hope Initiative will feature Winna's Wings, the butterfly logo seen at the top of this article.  

  Our current fund recipients:







 - American Cancer Society 

  - Children's Hospital Association

 - The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

 - The Child Mind Institute 

 - The ASPCA


No one ever makes a profit, no one gets a salary or wage for production, and all resources are either donated or provided through the operations of The Renewed Hope Initiative.

The Renewed Hope Initiative is my attempt to put my spiritual money where my metaphorical mouth is and do more than just say, "I believe in God."  I've lived a relatively short, but eventful, life and there's one thing I've found to be true: we all need and deserve kindness.  We are here to better each other and the world around us by practicing unconditional kindness, regardless of reward or acknowledgment.  

*I hope that one day we can take The RHI international, but for now the most feasible option is to focus our efforts with stateside charities.