Why We Keep Our Prices Low

Just a quick glance around our inventory will confirm at least one thing: our prices are unbeatable.  We try to keep our prices low enough so that anyone from any socioeconomic background can feel comfortable purchasing our products.  Why? We have three main reasons.

First and foremost, we give away a lot of products; we’re talking 10-15 times as much as we sell. We have created an avenue for us to always have a way to give back to or communities, both local and global, through the Renewed Hope Initiative generating additional funds for worthy charities; but sometimes money isn’t enough.  Sometimes, when people are going through incredible hardships, they need a tangible token of someone’s care to remind them that they aren’t alone in their fight.  Every time we are able to put our products in the hands of people who are struggling, we want them to know we care.  One aspect of that message is to let them know that, if they like the gifts we give them during their hardships and they wish to purchase products if or when they feel they’re ready, they don’t have to spend a fortune in order to take care of themselves. 

Which is our second point: it shouldn’t cost a fortune to practice self-care.  Self-care is more than a hashtag or a trend; self-care is the physical action of showing yourself love, gratitude, and nurturing. Self-care is critically important for developing a strong sense of self-worth, growing self-respect, and maintaining a healthy level of self-love. In short, we believe everyone deserves kindness and no one should ever have to sacrifice in some other aspect of life in order to afford the basic right of self-care.  If you don’t take care of and love yourself, you can’t even begin to develop healthy relationships with the people around you. 

Which is our final reason for keeping prices low: our community. I, the “Son” in Son of Suzette, was born and raised in what continues to be an area of The United States marked by poverty, addiction, and income inequality. My hometown is consistently ranked as having one of the lowest costs of living of the entire nation; and the evidence is everywhere.  I was raised pinching pennies and thrift-shopping to make ends meet, and sometimes the difference of twenty or thirty cents between two choices at the store was the deciding factor.  I never, EVER, want a customer to have to decide between buying one of my products or purchasing another necessity.  And while I can’t give all our products away for free, I can do the next best thing by making sure our prices are so low that they’re never a burden. 

We believe everyone deserves kindness, because kindness heals all worries and aches of the spirit. Kindness is the cure-all for the human soul, and we try to inject it into every aspect of our business.  There’s enough stress in the world already without another brand trying to sell you snake oil at ridiculous prices. Instead, we provide self-care solutions at low prices so we can spread that kindness to as many people as possible. Because kindness isn’t just another trend; it’s the way we do business. 

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  • Charlene allen

    What an inspiration. Companies don’t care about the consumer as a whole anymore. Their bottom line is always the almighty dollar. This concept will surely set you apart from the norm.

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