What Is The SKEN Logo?


 You may look at the SKEN logo and think, “What even is that?”  Don’t worry, you’re not alone; and that’s how I designed it. While it may be fairly obvious to see the brand’s initials, ‘SOS’, there are a litany of other images hidden within; I can’t even name all of them because, much like an ink blot, not everyone sees the same images. 

I’ve highlighted the initials starting with the yellow backwards ‘S’, into a chartreuse ‘O’, and a green standard ‘S’; the font was chosen from hundreds of options due to its clean-yet-flourished aesthetic. The ‘shadow lines’ around each character help create new shapes, angles, and pieces that come together to help create each perceived image. 

At first I saw a rose. Then a person cradling a child. Then a lion mid-roar. Every time I look at the SKEN logo I try to relax my eyes and allow myself to see what’s there, not what I want or expect to see, and that’s when I see a new image or shape I hadn’t noticed before. 

Do you see anything? Or is it just a bunch of lines and angles? Either way, you’re right. So why does it matter and (more importantly) why is it the logo? Because much like the previous scenario, a skincare product can be something new and revolutionary for one person AND something mundane and unimpressive for someone else; and they’re both right.

There will never be a one-size-fits-all skincare product because humans are not a one-size-fits-all species. We are inherently different from each other and we all lead separate, unique lives with different needs and preferences. The SKEN System aims to keep that in mind during every phase of product development, making sure we create products which cater to the customers’ needs rather than expecting customers to blindly follow our lead. Each and every one of our customers are important to this world, and they deserve products which will help them stay healthy, vibrant, and feeling their best!

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