The SKEN System: Our Way of Doing Business

The SKEN System is based on four words: Simple. Kind. Effective. Natural.

Each line within The SKEN System has been formulated to take the guesswork out of personal care, while also helping to assuage any doubts or shopper's remorse about the products you purchase. 

When I decided to make cosmetic chemistry my career, I knew I had to change the environment around personal care and cosmetics.  The industry thrives on cashing-in on trends and celebrity endorsements, something I've come to detest because the products they release aren't nearly as fantastic as the advertising and hype behind them.  My belief is this: if you have to exaggerate claims and practically lie to your potential customers, you obviously don't have a very good product.  

That's why we keep things Simple here, and always go into each and every product with the intent to be Kind to our customers by creating Effective products with factual, unbiased explanations of what they accomplish; and we only use high-quality Natural ingredients so you never have to wonder what you're putting on your skin.  From now on forget what you think you know about personal care, because SKEN is no passing trend: it's the way we do business.

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