Everything About Butter Blush

The Product Description:

"SKENcare meets color cosmetics in our debut makeup product, Butter Blush.  This creamy pressed powder is 99.7% natural and made with all organic, fair trade, and cruelty-free ingredients.  Its incredible formula melts onto skin and leaves a fresh, dewy veil of buildable color while nourishing skin with non-GMO mango & shea butters."

The Backstory:

No matter your age, ethnicity, or gender identity, the quickest & easiest way to add instant life to your complexion is with blush.  Not everybody has naturally long lashes, chiseled features, or stunningly-smooth skin, but every living person gets a flushed glow from time to time; meaning blush is also the most modest color cosmetic you can use if you prefer a low-key aesthetic.  For years I was afraid to wear makeup in public due to the area in which I live, but blush was always a sure-fire way to boost my confidence with a little "war paint" without risking public ridicule (or worse).

I've taken a long time deciding which color cosmetic should be the first to make its debut in the all-new Son of Suzette product catalog, and it was a very close tie between blush and *redacted to prevent spoilers*; but in the end I realized blush was the perfect way to introduce Son of Suzette's new approach to cosmetics.  As a brand, we want to make sure everyone feels included and blush is a wonderful starting point for several reasons.  First of all, many shades of blush can be used across skin tones, whereas something like concealer or foundation is limited to a small range of complexions.  Formulating shades of base products is more about precision and the complexity of pigment blends; by comparison blush is fairly uncomplicated and there's a lot more room for artistic expression, the second main reason I chose to debut blush.  We're currently living in an era where bold, fantastical makeup isn't just for magazines and movies, so things like chartreuse or indigo blush aren't obscene (nor are they too far away from hitting our product line).  I believe makeup is about self-expression and finding the version of yourself which makes you smile when you look in the mirror, and personally I've found that I never feel quite as confident as when I'm wearing an excellent blush.  I guess that's the final reason I chose to bring blush to the forefront: it just feels like the right move . . . and when your business is centered around God, you learn to go where the spirit leads you!

The Ingredients:

Below is the standard ingredient list, as well as a detailed description of each ingredient which pops up in our Butter Blushes. Each ingredient in the 'Detailed Descriptions' is a hyperlink which directs you to INCIDecoder or CosmeticsInfo, two online databases which explain common cosmetic ingredients in further detail.  If an ingredient can't be found in either database, a link to manufacturer's information is used instead.  We hope you enjoy learning about what makes our Butter Blushes so wonderful!

Ingredients: Mica, Caprylic Triglycerides, Kaolin Clay, Zinc Stearate, Silica Microspheres, Sunflower Wax, Rice Bran Wax, Mango Butter, Shea Olein, Castor Wax, Fumed Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Optiphen PLUS, May Chang (Litsea cubeba) Essential Oil; +/- Iron Oxide(s), Tin Oxide(s), Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Titanium Dioxide, Prussian Blue, Yellow 5, Red Lakes 7,21, 27,& 33

Detailed Descriptions:

Mica -  Also known as sericite, this mineral powder is light, fluffy, and mostly translucent and is used as a bulking agent in general cosmetic chemistry.  In this formula, mica helps provide a powder medium through which the powder pigments can be readily & evenly dispersed so that the end result is uniform in color.  Mica also helps optimize the texture of the formula by preventing it from being too thick or sticky, so the product applies smoothly and wears beautifully.  

Caprylic Triglycerides -  This oleochemical (SAT word meaning 'substance derived from oil') is a thin, colorless liquid derived from coconut oil.  Caprylic triglycerides act as a skin conditioning agent while providing a liquid medium in which all the powders, fats, and other oleochemicals can be mixed and unified.  Think of caprylic triglycerides as as the stock for your soup, or the water for your Koolaid.  

Kaolin Clay -  This soft white clay is a mineral used in a majority of cosmetics and skincare; also called 'Amazonian Clay' by some other brands.  Kaolin clay is an excellent texturizer because it adds a nice 'bounce' to the finished pressed powder without compromising the adherent properties of the formula, so product is easily picked up with a brush/sponge/finger.  

Zinc Stearate -  Zinc stearate is a white, somewhat sticky powder which acts as a powder binder.  You can find it in many pressed powders formulae worldwide, as it is an easily-sourced and fairly inexpensive raw ingredient.  

Silica Microspheres -  Silica is the predominant mineral in most face powders which blur & mattify the skin, and in this formula it pulls double-duty. Not only does it help the product apply smoothly and help uniform skin, silica 'fluffs' up the blush formula to give it a little bounce in the pan which results in a much higher quality feel to the finished product.

Sunflower Wax -  Sunflower wax is a hard, aromatic wax which has a fairly high melting point, which makes it an excellent way to turn liquid fats into gels.  In this formula the sunflower wax adds stability to the binder and adds to the adherent qualities of the finished powder.

Rice Bran Wax -  Like sunflower wax, rice bran wax is a fairly hard natural wax with a fairly high melting point.  The high melting point of the wax helps to balance out the average melting point of the overall product, so that the powder is solid in the pan & on brushes but melts against the warmth of skin.  This doesn't mean these powders will melt in high heat, though, as it takes both heat and friction to get the powder particles to budge.

Mango Butter -  Mango butter is a soft but solid butter which feels like a firmer version of Shea  butter.  However, unlike a lot of plant butters & oils, mango butter is noncomedogenic so it won’t clog pores or irritate skin. Mango butter is also an excellent skin conditioning agent.

Shea Olein -  Also called Shea oil, this ingredient is a thick golden liquid created during the processing of Shea butter.  It has all the benefits of Shea butter with a lighter, silkier texture which gets infused into the Butter Blush formula. 

Castor Wax -  Castor wax is made from the same plant from which castor oil is made, but castor wax is nothing like it’s oil counterpart.  This thick wax has a texture like dense caramel chews and adds flexibility & adherence to the powder film of product  

Fumed Silica -  This special grade of silica is extremely lightweight and looks nearly identical to sucralose powder (a.k.a. Splenda).  This powder smoothes out the texture of the final product while enhancing the barrier created by the waxes, which helps to extend the wear of the powder  

Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) -  An extremely common ingredient in all manner of cosmetics and skincare, this vegetable-derived oleochemical has several benefits: it adds flexibility to the powder film, helps nourish skin and fortify the epidermis, and aides in fighting off harmful bacteria from invading the product. 

Optiphen PLUS -  This mixture of natural & synthetic preservatives has ZERO methylparabens or formaldehyde derivatives, but still manages to be a powerhouse defender against yeast, bacteria, & mold in personal care products.  Sourced from USA.

May Chang (Litsea cubeba) Essential Oil -  May Chang essential oil has an aroma which starts out fresh and lemon-y, but quickly develops a powdery green note like warm grass, culminating in a lightly fruity scent which personally reminds me of Fruity Pebbles. Aside from adding a light and natural fragrance to the formula, May Chang has noted antimicrobial properties which boost the shelf life of the product. 

The remaining ingredients, notably the oxides, lakes, and calcium sodium borosilicate, are mineral pigments which give each product its unique color.  For more information on cosmetic pigments, please click here!

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